5 Facts About Free Webhosting

Online presence is no longer an optional decision for any person looking on to succeed in the 21st century. This means that having a website is a must-have. A website is your online address or location on the virtual platform. Just like how you must own or rent a house to operate your business in, the same you need a host for your site.

With this in mind, there are several types of website hosting services. But, at the moment, this article will concentrate on free web hosting.

What is free web hosting?

Take it this way:

You have a business idea. It is a DIY project where you make your products or offer consultancy services. Unfortunately, you do not have any capital to rent a house to set up your business. What a disappointment? Luckily, a friend or a Good Samaritan comes along and offers you a space on their premises to operate your business without having to pay rent. Does that feel good? Of course, it is an awesome feeling.

On the online platform, the same idea replicates under the free web hosting banner. Free web hosting is a situation where a web hosting entity offers you a space on their server without having to pay any cost. This aspect provides you an opportunity to gain online presence without spending a dime.

Here are essential facts you need to know about free web hosting:

i. A learning and web testing opportunity

Unless your career line is on web designing, running a successful site is a challenge. You need to select an attractive theme, interact with various web layouts, and get insightful knowledge on the ins and outs of the virtual world.

As they say, the experience is the best teacher, and this is what free web hosting offers you- learning how to run a website without spending a dime. Hence, this form of hosting offers you an opportunity to learn and test several website features that boost your knowledge about the virtual platform.

ii. Free web hosting is suitable for start-ups

As a start-up, finding enough cash to meet all business costs is an obstacle. Hence, with this option as a starting entrepreneur, you get a leeway in selling online without extra cost. However, if you want additional space, you will have to move to a paid option. For this reason, even though free hosting is a good option, it can only work with start-ups and particularly those small files.

iii. All free web hosting are subdomain

Even though this type of hosting is free, you do not enjoy the freedom of having an independent domain. All free web host company will offer you a subdomain such as yourname.freehosting.com.

While it is a good idea for you to go online smoothly, it denies you the opportunity to gain authority as you cannot brand your site without taking some advantage of the host company. As such, if you plan to brand your business online, then free web hosting is not the best option.

iv. You enjoy reliable support

But, free things are always crowded and unreliable. You think so? You are not alone. A large percentage has the same thoughts. However, the fact is that most free web hosts offer high quality and reliable support. Remember, these companies aim to woo customers to buy their paid hosting service. Hence, providing poor services will be a loss to them. For this reason, as a free host subscriber, you may enjoy better services even than the paid ones to some extent reason being that they are wooing you into their deal.

All in all, free web hosting is a good option for startups and anyone interested in setting their feet on the online platform. However, you miss the freedom of branding your business since you will be using a subdomain of the hosting company and other limitations that come along with this option.

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